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Frontiers in Time Research

Elisabeth Schilling and Maggie O'Neill (2022)


This book discusses various facets of current time-related social research: past related biographical research; present related research on time focusing upon the educational system, future-oriented innovations in working and organizational processes as well as methodological questions of time research. It is an interdisciplinary opus that includes sociological, psychological, educational, philosophical and economic approaches to frontiers in time research.


Advances in Biographical Methods: Creative Applications

Maggie O'Neill, Brian Roberts & Andrew Sparkes (2015)

Routledge 2014

Rooted in a long and diverse genealogy, biographical approaches have developed from a focus upon a single story, a ‘life story’ and personal documents (e.g. diaries), to encompass (more routinely) autobiographical secondary and archival research and analysis - as well as multi-media, arts based creative multi-sensory methods. Biographical Research and practices as part of human understanding helps people to make sense of what has been and what is happening in their lives, cultures, communities and societies. Advances in Biographical Methods: Creative Applications takes up these themes: theorising, doing and applying current advances in biographical methods. It demonstrates the momentum with which they areas are developing as a field of scholarship, especially in relation to creative innovations and applications, such as in new forms of interview and other practices, and debates on its interlinking with art, performance and digital methods.


Sex Work Now

Campbell, R. & O'Neill, M (2006)

Cullompton: Willan/Amazon


Sex Work Now provides an authoritative overview of female sex work and policy in the UK, and addresses a number of key contemporary issues and debates. These include sex worker unionization, migrant sex work and trafficking, communities and sex work, male clients of sex workers, the policing of prostitution, zoning of street sex work, young people and sexual exploitation, drug use and sex work, exiting, violence and sex work. Throughout the book is shaped by the lives and experiences of sex workers themselves drawing on applied, policy or participatory action research. This book approaches the subject from an interdisciplinary perspective, cutting across conventional boundaries of sociology, criminology, politics and social policy. Contributors to the book include academics, researchers, practitioners and activists who are among the leading commentators on prostitution in the UK. provides overview of sex work in UK considers impact of recent legislation and policy, especially Sex Offences Act 2003 focus on lives and experiences of sex workers themselves.


Prostitution: a Reader

Matthews, R & O'Neill, M (2002)



Dilemmas in Managing Professionalism and Gender in the Public Sector

Barry, J, Dent, M & O'Neill, M (2002)



Adorno, Culture and Feminism

O'Neill, M (1999)


Adorno, Culture and Feminism brings Adorno's work and feminism together, and explores how feminism can both harness and develop Adorno's ideas. The picture that emerges displays how gendered relations and cultural practices and texts operate today, and the relevance of critical theory for contemporary feminisms. Adorno's work on the scale of inequality and repression in the administered society is presented as matching the feminist understanding of the unequal balance of power between the sexes. This volume shows how Adorno's central concepts - commodification, authenticity, the culture industry, Kulturkritik, negative dialectics, non-identity thinking and authoritarian personality - can be used productively and purposefully in feminist thinking.

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