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Immobilities Conference, Northumbria University

08 July 2021

In this keynote Maggie discusses creative applications of walking as an arts-based practice through the walking interview as biographical method (WIBM) to examine the sensory, spatial, embodied, affective aspects of lives and lived experiences, the intersecting oppressions and possibilities for praxis. The paper opens a space for dialogue on the transformative role of walking, listening as understanding, ‘resonance’ and the potential for solidarity, as part of an ethics of listening, including possible impact on policy and practice, especially in diverse research and social contexts

Creative and Collaborative imaginations, University of Greenwich 

12 July 2019

Biographical Research on the move: theorising, experiencing, imagining. The Chicago School Re-loaded.

Athena Swan Symposium, University College Cork

March 2019

Borders, Risk and Belonging: understanding gender, race and intersectionality in the lives of women asylum seekers and migrants.

Laura Lee Sex Worker Human Rights' The Synge Lecture Theatre, The Arts Building 2039, Trinity College, Dublin

November 2018

Sex Work, Sexual Citizenship and Social Justice: towards a ‘Real Politics of Justice’.  New Horizons for the 21st century

Organised by the Irish Sex Work Research Network.

The Social Pathologies of Contemporary Civilization: Recovering a Sense of Coherence: Salutogenesis and Meaningfulness, University College Cork

November 2018

Walking towards ‘salutogenesis’: theorizing, experiencing and imagining biographical research one hundred years after ‘The Polish Peasant’.

ESA Research Network 3 Mid-term Conference. Dept. Sociology, University of Lodz, Poland

April 2018

Biographical Research on the Move: walking, theorising, experiencing, imagining

Crime and Control Ethnography Symposium 2018, Goldsmiths College, London


‘Imaginative criminology: Walking as arts based ethnographic practice’

Ethics in Practice in Innovative Methods -Social Research Association, London

Ethics and walking/mobile methods

Economy and Society Summer School 2018, UCC, Blackwater Castle, Cork

Co-Producing Knowledge with Migrant Families through Participatory Theatre and Walking Methods as Biographical Research.

Cafe Politique, Ustinov College, Durham University

Refugee Issues and Challenges

States of being at the Borders of Humanity conference of the AHRC project 'Responding to the Crisis' London

September 2017

MUSSI, University of Maynooth

June 2017

This MUSSI seminar/panel discussion chaired by  Prof. Linda Connolly explored how dialogues within and outwith the Higher Education sector are converging  around  the need for a socio-cultural shift towards slowing down the pace of work, life and consumption, improving well-being  and providing counter narratives  to processes of globalisation and the  ‘Gridlock’ that Hale, Held and Young (2013) write about. 

The motivation for organising the seminars emerged from dialogue with colleagues, our biographical experiences and resistance  to the speeding up of Higher Education, the impact of the audit culture and ‘marketisation’; as well as growing pressures, for some, in relation to developing a work/life balance in the context of metrics, audit, efficiency, increased competition,  demand management of research grant generation and the importance of hitting performance targets for career development and promotion. The gendered dimensions of these issues have been central to these discussions. A networking reception followed the discussion.

Maggie O'Neill opened the seminar  with a paper on Work, Time and Well-being and this was followed by responses from Prof. Gerry Kearns Dr Mary Murphy and Prof. Sharon Todd.  

Feminist Emergency, Birkbeck College, London

June 2017

Economy and Society Summer School 2017, UCC, Blackwater Castle, Cork


United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility (UNU-GCM) in St Pau, Barcelona

June 2015


My keynote at the conference on Female Agency, Mobility and Socio-Cultural Change at the  United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility (UNU-GCM) took place in  St Pau, Barcelona, 11th /12th June 2015.


Dept Social Sciences, Loughborough University



The Annual Sociology Lecture showcases new work by leading academics and thinkers in the field of sociology internationally. I spoke on walking and biographical methods in my work on sex work and asylum and migration.

Teesside University


Open University


The keynote was given to the AHRC network Migrant mothers caring for the future: creative interventions in making new citizens.

University of Exeter, UK


HEA funded conference - Qualitative and Ethnographic Research Network (QERN): Sharing and shaping pedagogies - learning through doing. May 10th 2013, Department of Drama.

University of Hamburg


German Biographical Section of the German Sociological Association.   

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