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Participatory Arts for Advocacy, Activism and Transformational Justice Project

Prof Maggie O’Neil, Prof Jools Gilson and Dr Jacqui O’Riordan and Mike Fitzgibbon, Dr Amin Sharifi Isaloo and Fionn Woodhouse (Schools of Society Politics and Ethics, Film Theatre and Music, Applied Social Studies and Cork University Business School), Dr Egle Gusciute (UCD) and Chriszine Backhouse ( MTU) will combine theatre and walking methods as a creative research in practice in partnership with Cork Migrant Centre, Dr Naomi Masheti and Fionnuala O'Connell.


The project will work with the young people in Direct Provision and the Cork migrant centre as co-producers of knowledge. The project will generate new knowledge  and understanding in the area of migration and refugee studies while also addressing social inclusion within Irish society through innovative participatory and interdisciplinary methods. Project partners include the Cork Migrant Centre, UCD and MTU.

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